Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dramatic Life

I thought I might never continue this blog, but hey, here I am writing again. Life has a funny way of making it difficult, confusing, but ultimately looping back to where you started.

I thought about writing again for a long time... and it was always put on hold. One excuse lead to another and so on and so forth. I claim to be too lazy too type, too scared to share, too busy to care, but in the end, I'm just making excuses because I was afraid to be like a lot of other bloggers out there who blogged for fame or for money. There are some bloggers who do it for fun, with benefits a plus, and I kinda want to be like them. To talk about your passions, to discuss issues, to recommend the latest products, to do reviews, to be viewed as an authority in your chosen passion. I can't say I'll ever be like that, or I'll start blogging as often as I can. I'm still pretty much a work in progress in that department. I guess I share stuff better when I talk rather than I type. Must be because when its verbal, it usually end up being lost to the wind when the memories of those who heard my words forget about it, while thoughts blogged regularly will pretty much remain online for all eternity (unless Google's server crashed in the far off future).

To share what have been happening in my life would be quite long. As much as I liked to claim that my life is boring, that's hardly the case as it is full of too much drama that rivals even that of the TV dramas that are pretty much part of primetime entertainment. With that, I'll start slow, re-introduce myself to the process of blogging and maybe, just maybe, I'll find the part of me that had long since been forgotten.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Is the Separation of Church No Longer Applicable?

At least that what they seem to want you to think. The Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines or the CBCP isn't exactly acting like a church when they try to prevent the state from implementing laws that goes against their beliefs. Think about it, the CBCP is not the only religious representative of the Philippines, regardless of the fact that the Philippines is composed of majorly Catholics, but they sure act at times all powerful.

The Church was supposed to act as a guide, but only to their constituents. They can influence, but never dictate. And yet, sadly, it seemed that some of them might not be too holy as we thought as they are also given life to the idea of Church-type blackmail in the form of the threat of excommunication.

What is excommunication?

According to wikipedia - Excommunication is a religious censure used to deprive or suspend membership in a religious community. The word means putting [someone] out of communion.

But seriously, does it have the same impact now than it does then? With religions sprouting up left and right, claiming to be better than their predecessors, excommunication kinda loses its impact. People nowadays are much learned, they know their rights, and they certainly don't rely as much on the church as they did during the Spanish era - clear reference to the "Damaso" incident yesterday.

So what is it about the RH bill that the church feel threatened about? The idea of providing people with more options? Sex education? Artificial contraceptives? They may seem totally against the church's belief, but is it against moral beliefs? If we want to curb the incessant increase in population growth, we have to consider making all legal forms of contraception possible. Unfortunately, that includes artificial contraceptives - sorry religious groups. It has to be done, because its the legal right of the person's involve.

The church can influence their constituents to choose natural forms of contraceptives, but it will be unfair if they start condemning their constituents that actually avail of artificial forms. No forms of contraceptives is a 100%, but to limit one's choices because of religion is cruel because people who are less fortunate don't have access to sex education unlike others, and sometimes, the easiest way to prevent their family planning to go haywire is something simple, that doesn't require much thought to use. Can we be that cruel to stamp on someone's right to legal forms of contraceptives all because of religion?

Religion is not the state, and yet, it tries to be the state on this issue. And if they continue as they are now, aren't they the same as the Padre Damaso's of the past.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glee 2 Audition

What makes a show phenomenal in my eyes? I guess it's more than just the storyline, the celebrities and their overall marketing impact - it always boils down to its social relevance.

I'm not a frequent blogger, and I rarely managed to finish a blog post. But there's something about the air today that makes me want to write.

The underlying theme that literally stands out on the first episode of Glee season 2 is the different types of bullying.
  • Rachel bullying Sunshine because she felt threatened.
  • Will bullying Beiste because he viewed Beiste as the cause of the Glee Club's lack of funds.
  • Beiste bullying Finn in reaction to her feelings of inadequacy, and the deep-seated insecurity of a woman tackling a man's world.
  • Sue... she bullies everybody so I guess there's not much to say about her.
  • Santana bullying Quinn because she needs to vent out her frustration for losing the position of head cheerleader to Quinn all because she was insecure with her body and gotten herself a boob job
And of course, at the end of the show, they wrapped it up by showing a number of consequences certain actions impacted upon.
  • Sunshine being pirated away by Vocal Adrenaline because she doesn't feel secure with Rachel around.
  • Sam seeing the possibility of getting kicked off the football team like Finn if he joined the Glee Club.
  • Will understanding that he was doing to Beiste almost exactly what had been done to him and apologizing, therefore invoking Sue's wrath
Maybe I'll continue posting my thoughts once again, or maybe this will be one of those once in a blue moon kind of thing. Anyway, only time will tell.

Monday, October 12, 2009

To Continue or Not

Okay. Maybe blogging isn't really for me, but I do plan to try something else this time around. I'll keep this one, just for the sake I still have a personal blog, but I think I'll try my hand at writing a blog that's so not about me and my personal life. Who knows, I might actually be pretty good at what I want to try.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


UPDATE: Now including Payment Proofs!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ted Failon Fiasco

Okay, so maybe this isn't exactly a promising post but there are way too many camps pointing fingers that I can't help but have my own ideas on the following scenarios. So, bear with me if you will, not that I expect anyone to visit and read after my erratic activities in this blog.

First of, the wife was acting before the incident is a clear indication that she's suffering from a lot of stress, and becoming suicidal can be a by-product of the stress. I would also like to point out the fact that she has a witness when she wrote the note, her sister Pam in fact. As for calls, the housemaids are aware of that since they were the ones who answered the phone on occasion. As for the gun shot, even the police admitted that the gun used emits only a small sound, and it being shot inside a locked bathroom no less would cause the small sound to be muffled.

The second thing we should all take notice of is Ted Failon's reaction. It is normal for someone to go into a state of shock, and at times feel disconnected and disoriented. He acted at what he saw to be the immediate concern. That was taking his still breathing wife to the hospital as soon as possible. Nobody can fault him for dealing with his bleeding and dying wife first, and returning for his youngest daughter at a later time. His refusal to let the investigators inside the master's bedroom, whereas they were allowed to view the crime scene can also be understood as reluctance to let the public in on his private the domain, being a private person despite his media job that puts him in the public's eye. The fact that he returned to his home aka scene of the crime, after ensuring that his wife is being taken care of, and there is nothing left for him to do except wait, is also a natural behavior. Having assured himself that his wife is in the best hands, he went back to be with his daughter who had witnessed the blood-drenched body of her mother. As for the heart to heart talk that allegedly happen in the master's bedroom at the arrival of his eldest daughter, it can be chalked up as the news anchorman needing the privacy of his room to let his grief spilt through within the comfort of his daughter.

Third, allegations of cleaning the scene of crime of blood, though should be frowned upon at best, it should not come as a surprise as it is the house help's job to clean. And the act was further hastened by the presence of a minor, no less than the youngest daughter at the scene of the crime. As for refusing to talk, was it not within the rights of the people to remain silent? Not to mention that it is always advisable to have a legal counsel present at any such given time.

Fourth, charging everyone with obstruction of justice is not a valid reason to manhandle people! Seriously, it would seem that they are using the alleged charge to boss people around and further sensationalize a death that is tragic and should be given its due respect. What the police had done was basically a violation of the rights of the people involved since they are allowed to invite people down to the station, not manhandle and force them to go. Again, using tactics such as bluffing accusations to the sister of the victim at the time wherein she is under shock is so inhumane. I know its their job to investigate, but unless the suspect is indeed the criminal, forcing words into their mouth would not result in something good, or in this case, a huge human rights violation. A true criminal would be very calculated in its reply and reactions, and based on accounts and TV coverage, Pam is anything but the victim's sister. Same to Ted Failon.

Fifth, alleged blood stains in other rooms aside from the scene of the crime could actually happen because of people whose hands got drenched in the blood while they are making a rescue effort for the victim. There are a lot of possibilities, but the police seems to be more intent on pining the blame on someone, and it seemed pretty clear to a lot of people who they want to blame. Its not rocket science that Ted is a very outspoken man about his beliefs and his denunciation of the way police handle themselves.

Sixth, Ted didn't touch the gun first after it was shot. The house boy did. He placed it on the couple's dresser when they cleaned up the bathroom, and it was there that Ted got it to hand over to the police. And next thing you'd know, they're going to reiterate he handed it to them sans any protective cloth to avoid fingerprint contamination. Dude, he's not an impartial expectator here, he's the victim's husband! Get a clue! Besides, the gun was licensed and owned by the family, and its not like its their habit to clean the gun on a regular basis prior to safekeeping, so duh, the gun will have fingerprints of both Ted, his wife, and whoever sold them the gun, plus, the houseboy who picked it up when he cleaned the bathroom.

I think I exhausted my train of thought for the moment. But if I thought of anything more to add, I'll make it a point to log-in and post in the future.